Sunday, June 21, 2015

At last

All good things take time.
It took from 2010 to 2015 but we have finally linked two of the documented FAMILTON lineages from the Scottish Borders.
YES the FAMILTON / FAMELTOUN etc weaver families of Ancrum and Earlston are indeed genetically related.
Both belong to Haplogroup G.
The newly tested FAMILTON descendant is now a HAMILTON, as his particular branch casually swapped to and fro between the two surnames in the space of one deed in the mid 1700s but settled on HAMILTON thereafter.

All the DNA related pages have been updated (with some more tweaks yet to come):
  • Summary project pages on the WorldFamiliesNetwork
    - Patriarchs (as well as including our Earlston weaver's lineage, the incorrect descendants of the Australian of that pedigree has been removed)
    - Results
  • The more detailed project pages on DNASurnames
    - Lineages section and the
    - Haplogroup chart 
NB some of the haplogroup chart branches contain links to the Haplogroup G project's pages on the research to date on this Haplogroup and its sub branches.
Not yet sure if the match's G-P303 haplogroup is likely to also be the branch of the tree that our FAMILTONs belong to.

Although the above is only concerned with Y-DNA connections, the FAMILTON Surname DNA project happily accepts anyone who has a FAMILTON in their ancestry and has tested their DNA for genealogy.
We have a few FamilyFinder results from descendants of weaver William in Earlston, but as yet, no detectable segments of dna that have survived the random process of inheritance down the generations to present day.
Click on the Join link here to order a test and join in the fun.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Activity Feed

This project diary is for the FAMILTON project to let the world know about the project finds.

FamilyTreeDNA has recently provided each project with the ability for members to communicate with each other via a group message board.

The one for FAMILTON is set to be a closed group so that only members can see the messages.
Feel free to join the project and participate.